Content Management Advisor - Free Data Assessment 



The Content Management Advisor 

Your First Step Towards Gaining Control of Your Data Assets


Do you struggle with managing multiple data assets within your organization?  Are you worried you are paying duplicate licensing fees? 


Are you concerned you are leaving money on the table? 


Health Language offers a free web-based assessment tool where you can:

  • Assess over 150 data files including common claims and clinical standards, fee schedules, transaction standards, and more complex crosswalks and value sets.
  • Identify common data needs, usage, and gaps across your organization
  • Receive a formal recommendation about how to consolidate data file suppliers to drive down costs and establish a single source of truth.

The Content Management Advisor Assessment is free. 


In a few hours, you can get a handle on the data you need to power your analytics, quality measures, billing and claims processing systems, and more.  


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