Webinar: Overcoming Challenges to Clinical Information Exchange Through Terminology Management

WEDI - ETM Webinar

Overcoming Challenges to Clinical Information Exchange

Success with accountable care demands that payers and providers work collaboratively towards common goals. Forward momentum of health information exchange is a critical component, but as payers look beyond claims data to leverage clinical data from providers, they face significant challenges to semantic interoperability.

Because the healthcare industry lacks a universal terminology standard, inevitable conflicts regarding terminology intake, management and distribution will exist when data is exchanged. This presentation will provide insight into the information-sharing journey of two health plans and the critical role of data normalization to support mapping between local and standard terminologies for enhanced clinical information sharing.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the critical role of clinical information exchange between payers and providers within healthcare’s accountable care framework.

  • Evaluate the successes and challenges encountered by two health plans in their journey to bi-directional information exchange with providers.

  • Design a strategy that incorporates data normalization as a solution to terminology management challenges to support information sharing and analytics initiatives.

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