Whitepaper: Data Sharing Done Right: Cost Containment in the New Payment Paradigm

Data Sharing Done Right:  Cost Containment in the New Payment Paradigm

A Whitepaper produced by FierceHealthPayer


As the industry continues to move away from fee-for-service and addresses rising healthcare costs, it’s become increasingly clear that data-sharing is a crucial component of value based payment models. For payers, technology can be a powerful tool in the administration of care and disease management programs, and ultimately one that helps drive down healthcare costs. Fierce WP cover
Through value based payment healthcare providers and payers are working together to reduce average healthcare cost and help with cost containment healthcare.

In case studies and interviews, insurers that have successfully solved these challenges will share some of the lessons they’ve learned and provide real-world strategies and best practices.

Data-sharing: A Crucial Component of Value-based Payment Arrangements

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  • Best practices for better cost containment in healthcare and chronic care management
  • Tips for deciding how often and how much data to share
  • How to overcome interoperability challenges
  • How to use data-sharing to improve payer-provider relations

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