3 Steps to Simplify Data Governance & Enhance Your Analytics - Webinar

Quality Healthcare Data:  Three Steps to Simplify Data Governance, Enable Interoperability, and Enhance Your Reporting and Analytics

On Demand Webinar

Hosted by:  Health Leaders Media



Health leaders must abide by regulatory requirements in healthcare, report accurate metrics for quality measures, and produce reliable analytics in healthcare data, all while addressing organizational initiatives and lessening clinician administrative burden. Information from various sources coming together as healthcare big data make this challenge even more complicated.

At the core of these initiatives is quality claims and clinical data. In this 60-minute webinar, learn how you can ensure your organization is utilizing the most accurate and reliable data needed to achieve its goals and get quality insights from analytics in healthcare data.


3 Steps to Enable Interoperability, Enhance Your Reporting & Analytics

You will learn:

• Common challenges health leaders experience due to poor clinical data management and claims data quality

• Essential ingredients needed for achieving high data quality with big data in healthcare

• What to look for in a technology vendor to ensure your needs are met

• The innovation and progress such as improved analytics related to regulations and clinical outcomes you can look forward to with a foundation of quality data in healthcare





Brian Levy, M. D.

Medical Informatics Consultant


Dr. Brian Levy has over 20 years of experience in medical informatics, with particular expertise in development of terminologies and clinical content, and the use of the Internet by patients and physicians to improve care delivery. Dr. Levy is a practicing Board Certified Internist and acts as a hospitalist at local Denver hospitals. He received his medical school training at the University of Michigan. His numerous articles and presentations in the healthcare informatics field detail his experience and expertise.


Sarah Bryan – Director, Product Management

Wolters Kluwer Health – Health Language

As Director of Product Management at Health Language, Sarah Bryan is passionate about bringing terminology management software solutions to the healthcare industry to enable accurate analytics and interoperability. With a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in Health and Medical Informatics (in process), Sarah applies her education, extensive work with customers, and software development background to build solutions that streamline and accelerate workflows related to terminology management.

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