The Benefits of a Single Source
of Terminology Truth within an Enterprise

The_Benefits_of_a_Single_Source_of_Terminology_Truth_within_an_Enterprise0D0AThe_Benefits_of_a_Single_Source_of_Terminology_Truth_within_an_Enterprise0D0ADo you have a single source of terminology truth? If not, you should.

This Webinar led by Tom Winchell of Dean Health, and Brian Levy, MD, Vice President of Global Clinical Operations with Health Language, will discuss how having a set of current, approved, up-to-date terminologies, maps and value sets can help power interoperability, increase efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead for an organization.

Details of the webinar include:

  • Benefits of standardized data
  • Ingredients for an enterprise terminology platform
  • How an enterprise terminology platform works
  • The definition of Single Source Truth and how to get it
  • A look at Dean Health's high-level process flow, internal challenges, and pain points prior to implementation

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